whiz bang kapowie zowie

April 28, 2009

these chickens won't pluck themselves

a new project has been added to the list for this summer. Plans and materials have been purchased for the most marvelous of modern inventions, a whiz bang chicken plucker. Basically the device resembles a washing machine that you throw dead chickens in.  If you want to pluck a lot of chickens in a short time and your name isn’t Ernest Hausen then this is the device for you.


One Response to “whiz bang kapowie zowie”

  1. I tried to get Superman for the summer “pick” but it turns out he has contracted Bird Flu and is in quarantine, so the next best thing is the Whizbang Chicken Plucker… capable of “undressing” up to 3 (properly scalded) chickens, or 1 40lb turkey, in less than 20 seconds! What shall we do with all the time we save by not having to hand shuck all these critters? GET MORE CHICKENS! OK, everyone needs to start eating more chicken.

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