April 27, 2009

This is the direction that I want the farm bike build to go in.  The double top tube is going to solve several problems. Namely that the top and down tubes are both slightly deformed  just behind the head tube. This didn’t even have to be from a very serious collision, the geometry of a frame so large makes that area  susceptible to  damage. The extra top tube will make a smaller/ stronger front triangle, allow me places to mount things like a shovel or tool holder, and make my bike  look really similar to one that cost more than all of my bikes combined. A old bike building proverb says that “three bent tubes are better than two straight ones


3 Responses to “bombadilish”

  1. cvydesign said

    Naice! Now tell us about the whiz bang!!!!!

  2. bill said

    Absu-freakin’-lutly sweet.

  3. bill said

    Any chance of some more pics, you know, sexy close-up “bike-porn” shots.

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